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Welcome to the Bankroll Bear Society

The Bankroll Bears are a group of intelligent mammals indigenous to ‘The Forest’.

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They are wary to creatures outside of their society; however, they have been known to engage with outsiders for business purposes. With a population of 5,000, these Bears are looking to take over the Cronos chain.

In recent years deforestation has been a huge issue to our world. The Bears are fighting back and are looking to protect any and every animal’s home; especially their own.

About the Bankroll Bear Society

The Bankroll Bears are a society of intelligent, loaded mammals indigenous to ‘The Forest’. They are wary as said above to creatures outside of their society, however they have been found to engage in business endeavours with outsiders. These Bears love the thrill of all things business!



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Checkpoint 1

In recent years deforestation has been a huge issue to our world. The Bears are fighting back and are looking to protect any and every animal’s home; especially their own. The founding Bears will plant 5,000 trees to begin the harrowing challenge of restoring the lost lands of the Bankroll Bears. Planting 5,000 trees will be the first of many philanthropic ventures.

Checkpoint 2

We want our Bankroll Bears to be an NFT cut from a different cloth compared to the other NFT projects on the market at the moment. We will create a bridge of utilities, intertwining the metaverse and the real world. Our redeemable roll-out phase (RRO) consists of ONLY real-world utilities which can be understood in it’s entirety on our specific ‘RRO' Discord channel. This is not to be confused with the BBS NFT airdrops which will be continuations of the BBS lore. These airdrops will be sent out monthly. There will be hints and Easter eggs hidden within our posts. Note: The RRO will not interfere with any of our giveaways or competitions. These are completely separate! Click on this checkpoint to see our Medium article and more details.

Checkpoint 3

Our Bears will rise together… we will be bringing ‘The Forest’ to life! This will be a place the Bears can frolic with each other in an exclusive space. There will be games, entertainment and overall great vibes! The Forest will be a member only (verified) area of Discord.

Checkpoint 4

The Bears are stubborn creatures and do not like limitations. They refuse to be limited to a simple roadmap; they are always on the prowl for new businesses and investment opportunities. The Forest Dwellers already have a large portfolio of business partnerships that are thriving. Every Bear that shops at these Forest partnered establishments will receive up to 50% off on selected items (separate to the RRO). There will be a minimum discount of 10% for ALL items on both websites.

Checkpoint 5

The Bears are tired of using centralised currency. The financial system is evolving and the Bears refuse to be left behind. Their solution? Create the best decentralised currency you could imagine! Every member of the society will be profiting off the businesses. Staking will be a way for the Bear holders to generate passive income!

Checkpoint 5.5

There’s a rumour that all fiat currency will be outlawed within The Forest. In order to alleviate any tensions with business partners outside The Forest, the Bears are creating a universal currency which can be used inside and outside The Forest. The BB$ token will be accepted in all Forest establishments, both in real life and in the metaverse. The immediate benefit of the token is that it will provide further discounts on all our Forest built establishments. The whitepaper with the tokenomics will be released post mint as the final stage of roadmap V1.

Checkpoint 6


After working for hours, the Bears know how to kick back and relax. Lord knows they deserve it! Mansions, rooftop parties and private islands, our plans are endless! We will host IRL events in locations chosen by the community. We will document every time we have successfully completed a stage in this roadmap. Once all of our checkpoints have been met and completed, we will begin the next phase in growing our project. I’m sure you’re hooked already; we’ve got a lot more to come in our V2!

Project Roadmap

Roadmap V1

Frequently asked questions


The Bears will mint for only 499 CRO. Whitelist access will be able to mint for 399 CRO, and FM token holders will mint for 449 CRO.

Yes, there will be a 4% royalty fee from secondary sales. 

We have partnered with Etr jewellery. They will be giving us the RRO items. They are currently working on redesigning their website to accommodate for the Bankroll Bear Society. More details of this partnership will be released on their page. We will establish partnerships with other companies to produce similar benefits. 

We will be releasing the Bankroll Bear Clothing line, like in ETR jewellery, you will get a 10% discount off all items if you’re part of the society. Some lucky holders will be sent a clothing pack for free!

Meet the Founders!


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Secondary Team Members

Secondary Team


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Note: BBS are in partnership with ETR Jewellery and BBS Clothing to provide us with our RRO drop items as well as previously stated utilities.